Weekly Summaries

Week 5 Summary

I can’t believe its been 5 weeks…

Assignment #1- Visual | 4 stars

Assignment #2- Design | 4 stars

Assignment #3- Design | 3 stars

Assignment #4- Audio | 4 stars

My final project character was the Pillsbury Doughboy.  The fluffy, cute, and giggly mascot for the Pillsbury brand was a unique candidate that I thought could have a very creative side to it.

This was as much as I could get done before I had to turn in my weekly summary for week 5.  I had to battle having enough time for this weeks stuff, and redoing week’s 3 and 4.  The overall progress that I made collectively I am beyond stoked with.  The amount of knowledge and skills that I had gained through these 5 weeks, and especially these past 3 weeks have been immense.  Combining the 4 subjects we have learned in these 5 weeks was super fun, and I wish that I could of finished, but technology continued its love hate relationship with me:( Audacity it my new best friend, Paint 2 is soooo much better than Paint 1, iMovie is x10 better than WMM, and I can interpret and analyze all forms of images now.




Week 4 Summary

Reading Movies

Look, Listen, Analyze

Assignment #1– Ohh Sweet College 🙂 | 4.5

Assignment #2- Favorite Hobby | 4.0

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

This week was a week that defeated the dreadful procrastinators!! It squished them into the group where it was tough for them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But really, this week to a lot of work, and most importantly, a lot of perseverance. The assignments were pretty fun, especially watching the movie scenes and analyzing parts in them.  Time was the biggest problem I had during this week.  I started late, but managed to finish on time. iMovie for the Mac proved to be my weapon of choice to tackle creating videos, and it was super easy to use.  A very much improved version of Windows Movie Maker, IMO… Again the same problem as last week where my posts wouldn’t actually post and would just disappear into thin air 🙁




Week 3 Summary

Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad

Ted Talk

Moon Graffiti

Assignment #1– Sound effects bells are ringing | 3.5

Assignment #2– Redbone gets redone | 4.0

Assignment #3- Not my sandwich | 2.0

Assignment #4 – Good morning people of my village | 2.5

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

This week was actually a lot of fun! All of the audio clips that I made were done by using Audacity, which I am now a lot more familiar with now.  This week has given me a much better understanding about how audio works through the creation aspect and through the publishing aspect.  The TED talk and the  Ira Glass piece gave insightful information about how audio can be practiced, and manipulated to play with your audience.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the progress that I made in understanding how to make quality audio productions. I know that it could use a lot more practice, but the sources that we had to listen through really gave me a solid basis to follow through.  I had all of my assignments done early until something happened with my wordpress and when I tried publishing them, they wouldn’t publish, and I then couldn’t find them anywhere… This proved to be a huge debby- downer and killed all ambitions I had for a while.  I eventually got over it, and instead of trying to find the content I had created earlier, I just went ahead and made all new posts.  I am proud of what I overcame to get to this sentence now, and can say I AM THE BEST AUDIO EDITOR OUT THERE NOW!!!




Week 2 Summary

Vignelli Canon Reflection: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/vignelli-canon-reflection/

For my first assignment for week 2, I wrote a reflection on Vignelli’s The Vignelli Canon. I discussed about where her views were on, specifically about what goes into design and what was needed for it to be effective.

Design Blitz Challenge: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/blitz-2-design/

For the second Blitz I had to take various pictures throughout the week. I wanted to a kind of themed Blitz challenge.  I took these at various locations, some at my house, others at stores.  I challenged myself to only take pictures of products, and their advertising cases.

Gif #1: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/pop-culture-gif/

My first gif was suppose to be of something funny done by an animal.  I instantly thought of this clip of a cat in a polo that my mom had shown me.

Gif #2: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/my-favorite-sports-play-in-a-gif/

My second gif’s objective was to show off my favorite sports play.  I showed off David Tyree’s catch against New England Patriots in the 2008 SuperBowl!! This was a fun assignment to do.

Assignment #1: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/my-name-looks-the-best/

For this assignment all I had to do was write my name in a cool font, nothing really special to this assignment.

Assignment #2: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/tatted-up/

Second assignment was a fun one. I had to create a tattoo that represented my personality, and I went ahead with an infinity sign.

Assignment #3: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/daddy-day-care-are-we-there-yet/

The only assignment that was required to be completed was the, “Are We There Yet”. You had to take an original picture and transform the background to something different than the original theme. This was very very fun and funny!

Assignment #4: http://branmandaman.com/uncategorized/character-word-clouds-pretty-colors/

The final assignment of the week was to create a word cloud.  I was going to do this on Microsoft Word or Paint 2, but the instructions provided an easy to use website that was amazzzzing.

Commented here: http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/04/best-sports-play-gif-ozuno-of-the-miami-marlins/

Summary of the week: This week was much better for me that the first.  Everything was already in place, I had a good structure with my website.  I wasn’t really behind on anything besides the Daily Creates, but that is an was fix for next week.  Nothing to really complain about… Or moop about!!



Week 1 Summary

The first week of this course has defiantly been an interesting one.  I have found myself struggling to find the time to complete the work, but I am also enjoying that at the same time.  This course is unlike any course I have had before(yes, yes you were right…).  It challenges you to think fast and think under pressure.  Additionally, it makes you think out of the box, and move to things that you have never done before.  For example I have never edited pictures before like I have had to do in many of the assignments this week.


I started out by setting up my domain name, by following the simple instructions on the DS 106 website.  I found this link by going through my canvas.  I already had most of the social media accounts set up, but did have to sign up for a flickr.


Secondly, I created a about me blog page which can be seen here: http://branmandaman.com/about/


Thirdly, I kept going through the week 1 instructions and had to customize my blog.  I clicked on the customize tab located on the left side of the screen on WordPress. I then kept the default theme it had for me.  But change my blog title, icon, sliders, and a few more neat features.


Fourthly, I created a reflection on all the material we had to read on about photography.  I read through the 10 key tips, and also the other three sources provided. I created a blog post about these articles: http://branmandaman.com/ . I then used these tips to take a couple of and create a Photo Safari! I used up all the 15 minutes provided, and only managed to get through 9 of the photo challenges. This can be seen at my WordPress gallery: http://branmandaman.com/ . I then proceeded to create a photo reflection about my journey through the safari, which is again seen on my blog: http://branmandaman.com/.


Fifthly, I only managed to get one daily create done, but loved it! Here is the link: https://twitter.com/herbangerr/status/869034465460449284 .


Finally, you can find all of my visual assignments on my flickr at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150114391@N07.


I really liked my first week in this class. Period.  One thing I can defiantly say is that I wish I had started earlier… Which again, you were right.  I should of started this mid week or earlier, but I found myself cramping in all of this the last two days.  I loved the photography part of this class and can’t wait for the upcoming assignments.  This class has been nothing, but a big surprise.


Ps. Not sure if you make it down this far but….my canvas password had expired today, and didn’t know until I tried submitting this at 11:50pm. I tried to figure out my security questions, but failed to do so till now(which is 12:12 currently). (Which is late…) (Yay).