Ted Talk and Scottlo

I really enjoyed the Dissecting Joanne Rosser, Papermaker piece. The way the audio is edited really helps with the overall story.  When done right you almost can’t tell that it is even edited at all. This relates back to Vignelli, when something is thought-up correctly, the design disappears to the eyes of the reader.

In the TED Radio Hour, they talk about success in radio. For one of his examples, he cuts music to show how this brings a serious tone to the audio. It takes away from the moment, but forces you to put a greater amount of attention on what is being spoken. This is why talk radio is so powerful, people are forced to pay more attention to the speaker and the message they have. There are no other distractions to pull your attention, as a listener, away from the speaker.

In the first episode of the LoDown, he talks about what to expect in his shows and how he plans to help us as the listener. He talks about how to be succesful in the course and in using audio. He gives numerous tips and suggestions on improvement. He talks about examples of past projects and what could’ve been done differently. He talks of bumpers and how they can be succesful, just offering a lot of insight throughout all of his podcasts. Allowing students in the course who are listening to have greater insight in what they need to do to improve.

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