Tatted up!!

The assignment was to create a tattoo that represents your personality type.  I chose an infinity sign.  The original picture is obviously the black one.  I chose an infinity sign, because I feel as though that what ever you do in your life, life around you is still going on.  For example, if the sign were a Mario Cart track… Where ever you chose to start you would find yourself going in an endless circle over and over and over again.  This is why if fits me, if something wrong happens/ you have to learn to get over it and keep moving along.

  • Red- when something goes wrong.
  • Yellow- when life is good
  • Green- when your life is healthy
  • Blue- when life is calm

The story behind the piece is about last semester when I found myself super stressed out about a million different things.  School, family problems, sports problems, and friends were all troubling me at the same time, and really negatively impacted me.  All those problems add together and I found myself struggling to burst out of it.  I found myself trying to figure out how to get of one thing, but it would only put me further back in the others.  I finally made it to the end of the semester, and some things got better… This was largely due to the fact of me noticing to stop worrying about everything.

I created this piece by going to google and searching for a basic infinity sign.  I then downloaded the sign onto my main windows computer, and opened it in paint.  I then used the fill tool to change the inside color of the sign to red, yellow, green, and blue.

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