My Name Looks The Best

For this assignment I had to come up with a way to write my name in a cool way.  I ended up using the Skia font, which is a futuristic looking font.  I used the Paint 2 app on my MacBook to create this.

The story behind using this font was to find something that looked like the star wars writing, like in the credits.  I cycled through almost all of the fonts on Paint 2, but couldn’t end up finding it or something close to it.  The closest thing that I found to it was Skia, and decided to go with it.

I created this using the Paint 2 app on my MacBook.  I first used the Fill tool to create an all white background. I then selected the text tool and dragged it across the whole background.  I found the font I wanted to use and the began typing.  I then center the text after I was done by clicking cmd + e.

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