My favorite sports play in a Gif!

This is a Gif of David Tyree, of the New York Giants, making a nearly impossible against catch against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in 2008.  Right before the catch was made, Eli Manning made an insane escape from pressure to avoid a sack.  This catch set up the game winning touchdown, which declared the New York Giants winners 17-14.

I remember this play vividly in real life.  My parents had thrown a super bowl party at our house, and had a bunch of their friends over.  There was food everywhere, and music before the game started.  But as soon as the game started you could hear a pin drop while the ball was ever in the air.  When the Giants were down 10-14 in the 4th quarter with the minutes twiddling down, my parents were about the lose their minds.  This all changed when Eli was about the lose the game by getting sacked, but then made a miraculous escape and got the first down with this catch. The house erupted.

The create this Gif I simply went to  At this site I then clicked on Create in the top left, and went to youtube to find the highlight of the game. Once i found the highlight I copied the URL and pasted it where it told me to in Giphy and it created the Gif which I then downloaded to my computer.

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