Look, its a bird! Listen, its a plane! Analyze, ohh my bad…

For the Look, Listen, Analyze assignment I chose Kids in the Hall’s The Monkeys. The video in the playlist was blocked due to copyright of the Nerdist, so I just looked up the video under Nerdist’s channel and found it.


My first look through was an interesting one, not anything that I thought it was going to be!  The camera starts our looking at a door that gently pans out and eventually lands on the main character, Dave. The slow pan out sets the mood to somewhat of a sinister, grim feeling.  The camera is set eye-level with Dave while he smokes on a cigar and talks about the monkeys.  The camera stays there a while but than instantly transitions to a still shot of Dave and another character named, Mark. The two of them are split evenly on each side of the camera with an open curtain in the background.

The camera then suddenly cuts back to Dave who is next to the door which the monkeys are on the other side.  As he is about to open the door the camera shifts it attention to the door, and the strange bright light that beams out of it.  Dave then talks to himself for a while and the camera continues to pan in the whole time.

Another weird still frame with Dave and Mark…

A new part of the room is then revealed with Dave being on the phone (another still shot).

Finally, a change in scenery!!! This scene there are Dave, Mark, and some other character in a car.  There are two in the back and one driving, the shot is from outside the car and in front of the drivers side.  The car then stops and going to a side shot of the passengers window to only show the driver. Then a shot of only Dave that is start ahead of him.

The final shot is Dave sitting in a chair back in his room.  The camera is almost on the ground and makes Dave’s head slant downwards to still look into the camera.


In the beginning there are weird noises that sounds like something is rattling outside of the door.  Then it becomes more clear that the monkeys are trying to open the door. The whole time Dave is talking the loudest thing in the background is the fire.  The crackling of the embers on the wood create a sense of gloominess. Dave’s speech is done in a grumpy, scratchy voice that shows that the smoking is getting to him.  When it gets to the scene of him unlocking and locking the doors, the locks have such loud presence to make sure that they are the main concern in the scene. This states that these are the most important parts of the scene.

Not much noise when he is on the phone besides his normal cracky voice.  There is a loud metal sound when he throws the phone down on the receiver.

The car scene you can hear the humming of the engine and the bumps in the road.


Mr. Lewis/Dave LOVES THE MONKEYS!!!!!  He always is talking about them!  He knows that they are either some sort of danger to people, something like that. He will never let them lose, but can always fall back onto that topic to either threaten people or to just conversate about.  The overall feeling of the skit is very gothicy, and creepy.  Whenever the camera is on Dave he always stares directly into it, and Mark just has the most awkward stare that makes him seem like a zombie.  Maybe the monkeys did this to him???

Back to Ebert’s points in which, “lower angles make people look more powerful.” This is exactly done in the last scene of this skit.  Dave talks about how the monkeys give him authority, and just in the last scene Dave threatened to release the monkeys on the driver, which was sarcasm.  But Dave threatening to do so scared the drive and shows that Dave really does have power over others.

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