How to become a better Photographer

Look to the light.”

– David duChemin

– Yummmmmmmmmmm

I took this picture on my kitchen counter top.  Now I know what you are thinking… It is a master piece! I know, I was thinking the same thing.  However, back to reality… This is my favorite picture I have taken that isn’t unintentional. This picture could of turned out many different ways.  I could included the junk that was spread around on the counter.  I could of left the counter top dirty with a little spaghetti sauce here and there. But i took much of the advice that I read in duChemin’s ebook, TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear. This gave me a clear and concise way to improve my photography skills in seconds. I saw the light shining through the kitchen window , blinding my eyes, so I knew this would give really great color to anything. The tip that I really took into hand to improve my pictures was to look into the light.  Don’t run the picture with a bright background that completely cancels the image you are trying to portray. But, instead I used the light from my kitchen window to glisten up the color of the fruit.

Understanding what goes into a picture isn’t something that is easy to do.  You have to remove yourself from your own shoes and try on someone elses. Visual Literacy is thought of as a concept that is ability to read, comprehend, and write visual language. Remember that everything is an image, yes even text… Knowing how to read that image can be a simple one, but those that excel at visual literacy can think beyond what might seem like a simple photo. One who excels may of realized how fresh these fruits are, and might think I grow them myself (which is correct).


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