Character Word Clouds: Pretty colors

The assignment was called: Character Word Cloud, and the objective was to go to and create a word cloud.  I put in as many adjectives as I could think of, and then used some of the filler words they had to fill in the space.  The shape I ended up going with was a price tag.  I thought it was a bit cheeky, and would show off one of the things that I like to do the most, shop!

The story behind this picture is like I said earlier, I like to shop.  But the words that I put on the inside don’t have anything to do with shopping.  I described myself as best as I could,  I put what I like to do (sleeping, laying down), and what sports I love to play and watch (backetball, soccer).

To create this piece of art I went to, and clicked on shape first off. I was going to do the trophy, because I am a winner but decided to go with the price tag.  I then chose the color scheme I wanted.  I choose blues and whites, but then changed the background color to a pee yellow.  Lastly I changed up the word list to describe myself.

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