Blitz #2: Design

  • Color
  • Form/Function/Message
  • Dominance
  • Rhythm


My first picture incorporates the design element of color.  I used a picture of a duraflame quick start box.  The color scheme of the box is a soft transfer from yellow to red.  This color scheme shows off what kind of product is in the box, and what it relates to (in this case, fires). Up next I took a picture of a packaging of clementines that use the element of form, function, and message. The title is at the top to grab the readers attention.  Then grouped together is the what the product entails.  These words are all together, because they are related to describing the product. The third picture is a picture of an iPhone 7 case.  The case shows off a life size image of the phone, and has the name on the sides of the case.  The picture shows off the dominance of the case, and draws the consumers eyes right to what the product looks like inside.  This is used to grab the attention of the consumer to show off how great a product looks.  Lastly, the Puffs tissue box has a rhythm about it.  The box has a repetition of the flowers on the box, and represents the softness of the tissues.

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