Vignelli Canon Reflection

In this post I am reflecting on Massimo Vignelli’s piece called The Vignelli Canon

Design isn’t something that can be seen as a nine to five job.  It is simply creativity that never stops working.  It doesn’t tire you out, but when you look at something it sparks an idea that can then be transformed into a design, and finally into a product.  The design process can be very long and stressful, but every step in the project is thought out to provide purpose to the project, as Vignelli describes.  Huge structures such as skyscrapers, monuments, and subway systems not only require a lot of time and effort, but what Vignelli hints at is that the determination/discipline and communication are what truly required to finish a product.  Vignelli additionally points out that you must understand where your next move is, because if you don’t you can negatively effort yourself and your team. After reading this piece I can truly appreciate all that goes into the subject of design, and what it takes to be successful at it.

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