Ohh sweet college :)

The first video assignment that I chose to do was 4 stars, and what I had to do was create a video that showed off my college career so far.  I chose to use just pictures that I had on phone through out the 3 years so far.  I started out by looking through all the photos on my phone, and decided to pick pictures that were not only important to me, but showed how I changed throughout my time here at UMW. I started out with my freshman year, to my sophomore year, then finally to my junior year.

Some of the stories behind this project were:

  • My friends
  • My hair
  • My soccer career
  • Finally just really funny times

My hair started out semi long freshman year, and then by the time sophomore year hit I had a full man bun. Shaved it. Now have normal short hair.

My friends started out with mostly all soccer friends, this stayed the same, but some left to attend other colleges.

My soccer career, played a lot freshman year, not so much sophomore year, then a lot again junior year.

To create this assignment I went into iMovie on my Mac and created a new file.

I then went on to import all of my photos into the timeline by simply dragging and dropping then from the screen above the timeline.

I downloaded a song from youtube to use in my project from https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/mp3-converter.

All I had to do from there was upload to YouTube!