Describing the doughboy

For this Design Assignment I had to create a word cloud that describes my character, for 4 stars.  I chose the closest shape that they had available that looked like the doughboy.  Finding words that described him was the easy part! Chubby, fluffy, giggily, fat, puffy, etc…

The residents of Pillsbury are again, the nicest people on the earth.  They greet each other with open arms and big fluffy chests of dough.  Every time they touch each other a little part of them practically stuck onto the other, making this one of the most tight-knit communities on the planet.

To create this word cloud I went to WordCloud . This allowed me to select from an array of shaped to create the cloud then insert my own words into it.

  1. Firstly, I chose the shape of little stick figure
  2. I wrote in words that described the doughboy
  3. Changed the size and shape of the words
  4. Made sure I liked the colors of the background and words (kept it basic)
  5. Saved to my PC

Character Word Clouds: Pretty colors

The assignment was called: Character Word Cloud, and the objective was to go to and create a word cloud.  I put in as many adjectives as I could think of, and then used some of the filler words they had to fill in the space.  The shape I ended up going with was a price tag.  I thought it was a bit cheeky, and would show off one of the things that I like to do the most, shop!

The story behind this picture is like I said earlier, I like to shop.  But the words that I put on the inside don’t have anything to do with shopping.  I described myself as best as I could,  I put what I like to do (sleeping, laying down), and what sports I love to play and watch (backetball, soccer).

To create this piece of art I went to, and clicked on shape first off. I was going to do the trophy, because I am a winner but decided to go with the price tag.  I then chose the color scheme I wanted.  I choose blues and whites, but then changed the background color to a pee yellow.  Lastly I changed up the word list to describe myself.