Good morning people of my village!!

Star: 2 1/2 stars

For this assignment we had to greet the people of our “village” with a good morning expression.  I chose to keep it calm and simple.  I chose this, because I don’t see a person being too excited about saying good morning on a loud speaker every day.  This would become quite repetitive and boring. This does remind me of when you are in grade school, and every morning they would turn the TV’s on, and have students do a good morning segment along with announcements for the day.  They were always excited to be on TV (as any kid would be), but they knew that everyone in the school would be watching.  This I feel would be the opposite in a town where you don’t have to be energetic, because I doubt half the people would be listening anyways…

  • Firstly, started a blank file on Audacity, and instead of importing an audio file, all I had to do was click the red button to record myself.

  • I then had to edit the audio to delete any long pauses I caused

  • Final step was to export audio into an mp3 file