Deferring the doughboy voice

For my fourth Assignment for my final project I chose to do an Audio Assignment worth 4 stars, totaling 15 stars. The assignment instructions were to take an existing piece of audio and use audio tools (I used Audacity) to change the sound.  The original audio I used was from a 2012 commercial of toaster strudels.

In 2012 Pillsbury put out a commercial to promote their famed breakfast item, the Toaster Strudel.  The Toaster Strudel was a breakfast item that was made of a glossed a wheat that was sugary as ever, and on top of that had a frosting that you could swizzle on top of the pastry.  The food was delicious, but wasn’t necessarily the best thing for you.  To promote their new and improved item they launched a series of commercials that included the Pillsbury Doughboy.

I created this in Audacity, by firstly opening a new project.

I then used a YouTube to MP3 converter to change the Pillsbury commercial on Youtube from an MP4 to an MP3.

I then used the speed changer tool to fasten the commercial by %50


Letters are cool when they spell doughboy

For my third Assignment for my final project I chose to do another Design challenge for 3 stars.  For this assignment I had to write out the name of my character, in not only a cool font, but a font that means something more than just the text.

I used Paint 2 to create this work of AMAZING art.  I the word is pretty self- explanatory by now, but for those that are a little slower to first base… Doughboy is the name of my character.  I used the font Big Casion in size 96. The reason I went with Big Casion is because it not only is a clean, and easy-going font, but it allows the reader to feel the word.  This font is often used in commercials and many major marketing brands.

I opened up Paint 2, and started a new project

I then filled the background with white

I then selected the text tool and wrote out DoughBoy in Big Caslon


Describing the doughboy

For this Design Assignment I had to create a word cloud that describes my character, for 4 stars.  I chose the closest shape that they had available that looked like the doughboy.  Finding words that described him was the easy part! Chubby, fluffy, giggily, fat, puffy, etc…

The residents of Pillsbury are again, the nicest people on the earth.  They greet each other with open arms and big fluffy chests of dough.  Every time they touch each other a little part of them practically stuck onto the other, making this one of the most tight-knit communities on the planet.

To create this word cloud I went to WordCloud . This allowed me to select from an array of shaped to create the cloud then insert my own words into it.

  1. Firstly, I chose the shape of little stick figure
  2. I wrote in words that described the doughboy
  3. Changed the size and shape of the words
  4. Made sure I liked the colors of the background and words (kept it basic)
  5. Saved to my PC

The horrors of Pillsbury

For this Visual Assignment I created a silly movie poster using my final project character, the Pillsbury Doughboy.  I had to create a movie poster that then was transformed to silly, and then incorporate the doughboy. This was for a total of 4 stars.

The horrors of Pillsbury is a horror film that is set in the town of Pillsbury.  The residents are all doughboys that are the nicest people in the world, and love having their bellies tickled.  One dark night there was a murder on the mayor of Pillsbury.  The town was tossed into chaos and no one could figure out who had done such a horrible thing.

Find out what happens in this horrifying film on July 8th!

  • The create this i used Paint 2 for MacOS.
  • I created a new project

  • I then found a picture of the doughboy online, saved it, and imported it onto the blank canvas.
  • I then used the text tool to write ontop of the picture.

My favorite thing to do in my spare time

For my second assignment I had to record myself preforming my favorite hobby in my spare time.  It was 4 stars, and I decided to do it with me playing video games.  I do a lot of other things in my spare time, but video games is defiantly a big part of my spare time. When i’m not sleeping, playing soccer, working, or doing homework I am probably playing video games.  It is my way of relaxing and taking a break from the world.  When I am playing video games I always play with my friends, and this creates hilarious memories.


This is just one of the games I play called Rocket League.  The point of the game is to protect your goal, while trying to score in their goal (just like soccer). You control a little car that is used to smash into the ball to shoot or pass. You can play with just yourself against computer players or with real people to compete online against other real people.

To create this video I took out my iPhone and opened the camera app.

I then proceed to record myself playing the game for about 30 seconds.

Ohh sweet college :)

The first video assignment that I chose to do was 4 stars, and what I had to do was create a video that showed off my college career so far.  I chose to use just pictures that I had on phone through out the 3 years so far.  I started out by looking through all the photos on my phone, and decided to pick pictures that were not only important to me, but showed how I changed throughout my time here at UMW. I started out with my freshman year, to my sophomore year, then finally to my junior year.

Some of the stories behind this project were:

  • My friends
  • My hair
  • My soccer career
  • Finally just really funny times

My hair started out semi long freshman year, and then by the time sophomore year hit I had a full man bun. Shaved it. Now have normal short hair.

My friends started out with mostly all soccer friends, this stayed the same, but some left to attend other colleges.

My soccer career, played a lot freshman year, not so much sophomore year, then a lot again junior year.

To create this assignment I went into iMovie on my Mac and created a new file.

I then went on to import all of my photos into the timeline by simply dragging and dropping then from the screen above the timeline.

I downloaded a song from youtube to use in my project from

All I had to do from there was upload to YouTube!