Redbone gets Redone

Star: 4 stars

One of my favorite songs out at this time is Redbone by Childish Gambino.  The song has many distinct characteristics about it, such as the fading in and out of his voice, and the strong instrumentals in the background.  As soon as I saw the description for this assignment I knew that I would have to give it a try.  I found myself having alot of fun with this assignment, but it also wasn’t the easiest to complete. To change up the unique song I added some additional echo effects to give the long pauses more filling. Additionally, I changed the bass and tempo to some parts of the chorus, and long versus.


  • Imported the song into Audaciity

  • Added effects to the song, such as echo, fade in, fade out, compressor, and bass and treble.

Sounds Effects Story: Bells are ringinn

Star: 3 1/2 stars

My typical Sunday’s are spent praying to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I could of done the typical sound effects of me getting up, and brushing my teeth, showering, but that is exactly what you said not to do.  I went with a different flip of my Sunday mornings.  The mornings begin with me waking up around 11am, doing my normal morning routines, then getting straight into the car without eating.  It is usually just me and my mom, because my dad is to lazy to go, and my brother goes to a different church.  The effects story shows off use getting into the car, hearing the church bells (meaning 12 o’clock mass),  Catholic singing, and then driving back home.  Normally, we go and get food after Mass, but I couldn’t find any quality eating effects…

Mission Control… We got a problem

In Moon Graffiti, the mood is set right away.  Your stomach begins to drop, you get goosebumps, my feet began to sweat. There is a lot of background noise and back and forth communication between mission control and an astronaut named, Aldrin. The creator adds a lot of sound effects added to make this scene more dramatic. It makes you feel as if you are on the moon following this crash. They make their conversation sound somewhat muffled as if it was an actual conversation done in to a radio. The moment where there isn’t any background noise, and only the effects going on is the astronaut attempting to plant the flag into the ground gives a very hopeful vibe to the edit.  I enjoyed this and audio storytelling very much, it gives the listener a sense of serenity to the situation that they would never get to live.

Ted Talk and Scottlo

I really enjoyed the Dissecting Joanne Rosser, Papermaker piece. The way the audio is edited really helps with the overall story.  When done right you almost can’t tell that it is even edited at all. This relates back to Vignelli, when something is thought-up correctly, the design disappears to the eyes of the reader.

In the TED Radio Hour, they talk about success in radio. For one of his examples, he cuts music to show how this brings a serious tone to the audio. It takes away from the moment, but forces you to put a greater amount of attention on what is being spoken. This is why talk radio is so powerful, people are forced to pay more attention to the speaker and the message they have. There are no other distractions to pull your attention, as a listener, away from the speaker.

In the first episode of the LoDown, he talks about what to expect in his shows and how he plans to help us as the listener. He talks about how to be succesful in the course and in using audio. He gives numerous tips and suggestions on improvement. He talks about examples of past projects and what could’ve been done differently. He talks of bumpers and how they can be succesful, just offering a lot of insight throughout all of his podcasts. Allowing students in the course who are listening to have greater insight in what they need to do to improve.

The story teller is actually a genius

In Ira Glass’s videos he proclaims the do’s and don’t about story telling.  He explains that the best thing that you can do for yourself is to tell with your personality.  Use the emotions that you felt at the moment to really draw the listener into the story.  As they show in the third video, he explains a story about his 8th year in radio, and clearly shows -whether you are listening or watching- that you can tell he was deeply embarrassed. The pauses, the chuckles he provides to the audience shows his emotions he felt.   Additionally, he goes on to talk a lot about finding a story and how difficult it can be.  A strong point that he makes is that a story often appears with a bit of luck.  Luck can lead a reporter to a new promotion, with a great story, or out to the streets due to nothing happening.  Timing is key along with persistence to always stay aware.  The most importance advice that Ira gave us was that the more practice he told the better his story telling ability improved.

~Practice doesn’t make perfection, but it defiantly makes you better~

My favorite sports play in a Gif!

This is a Gif of David Tyree, of the New York Giants, making a nearly impossible against catch against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in 2008.  Right before the catch was made, Eli Manning made an insane escape from pressure to avoid a sack.  This catch set up the game winning touchdown, which declared the New York Giants winners 17-14.

I remember this play vividly in real life.  My parents had thrown a super bowl party at our house, and had a bunch of their friends over.  There was food everywhere, and music before the game started.  But as soon as the game started you could hear a pin drop while the ball was ever in the air.  When the Giants were down 10-14 in the 4th quarter with the minutes twiddling down, my parents were about the lose their minds.  This all changed when Eli was about the lose the game by getting sacked, but then made a miraculous escape and got the first down with this catch. The house erupted.

The create this Gif I simply went to  At this site I then clicked on Create in the top left, and went to youtube to find the highlight of the game. Once i found the highlight I copied the URL and pasted it where it told me to in Giphy and it created the Gif which I then downloaded to my computer.

Character Word Clouds: Pretty colors

The assignment was called: Character Word Cloud, and the objective was to go to and create a word cloud.  I put in as many adjectives as I could think of, and then used some of the filler words they had to fill in the space.  The shape I ended up going with was a price tag.  I thought it was a bit cheeky, and would show off one of the things that I like to do the most, shop!

The story behind this picture is like I said earlier, I like to shop.  But the words that I put on the inside don’t have anything to do with shopping.  I described myself as best as I could,  I put what I like to do (sleeping, laying down), and what sports I love to play and watch (backetball, soccer).

To create this piece of art I went to, and clicked on shape first off. I was going to do the trophy, because I am a winner but decided to go with the price tag.  I then chose the color scheme I wanted.  I choose blues and whites, but then changed the background color to a pee yellow.  Lastly I changed up the word list to describe myself.

Daddy Day-Care: Are We There Yet?

The first picture is a picture of me that was taken at the beginning of the Fall semester with the Soccer team.  The second picture is a morphed image of me into the Mona Lisa.

The reason for doing the Mona Lisa is because I went on to google, and looked up funny pictures.  The Mona Lisa was one of the first ones to pop up, as soon as I saw it I knew it would fit perfectly.

I went to google and typed in “picture background changer” I went through a couple of videos of how to do it in GIMP, but I had already done that a few other times. I then came across this site called: I went to it, looked around, and saw they had the Mona Lisa background and became extremely happy! The rest was HISTORY!

Tatted up!!

The assignment was to create a tattoo that represents your personality type.  I chose an infinity sign.  The original picture is obviously the black one.  I chose an infinity sign, because I feel as though that what ever you do in your life, life around you is still going on.  For example, if the sign were a Mario Cart track… Where ever you chose to start you would find yourself going in an endless circle over and over and over again.  This is why if fits me, if something wrong happens/ you have to learn to get over it and keep moving along.

  • Red- when something goes wrong.
  • Yellow- when life is good
  • Green- when your life is healthy
  • Blue- when life is calm

The story behind the piece is about last semester when I found myself super stressed out about a million different things.  School, family problems, sports problems, and friends were all troubling me at the same time, and really negatively impacted me.  All those problems add together and I found myself struggling to burst out of it.  I found myself trying to figure out how to get of one thing, but it would only put me further back in the others.  I finally made it to the end of the semester, and some things got better… This was largely due to the fact of me noticing to stop worrying about everything.

I created this piece by going to google and searching for a basic infinity sign.  I then downloaded the sign onto my main windows computer, and opened it in paint.  I then used the fill tool to change the inside color of the sign to red, yellow, green, and blue.

My Name Looks The Best

For this assignment I had to come up with a way to write my name in a cool way.  I ended up using the Skia font, which is a futuristic looking font.  I used the Paint 2 app on my MacBook to create this.

The story behind using this font was to find something that looked like the star wars writing, like in the credits.  I cycled through almost all of the fonts on Paint 2, but couldn’t end up finding it or something close to it.  The closest thing that I found to it was Skia, and decided to go with it.

I created this using the Paint 2 app on my MacBook.  I first used the Fill tool to create an all white background. I then selected the text tool and dragged it across the whole background.  I found the font I wanted to use and the began typing.  I then center the text after I was done by clicking cmd + e.