Letters are cool when they spell doughboy

For my third Assignment for my final project I chose to do another Design challenge for 3 stars.  For this assignment I had to write out the name of my character, in not only a cool font, but a font that means something more than just the text.

I used Paint 2 to create this work of AMAZING art.  I the word is pretty self- explanatory by now, but for those that are a little slower to first base… Doughboy is the name of my character.  I used the font Big Casion in size 96. The reason I went with Big Casion is because it not only is a clean, and easy-going font, but it allows the reader to feel the word.  This font is often used in commercials and many major marketing brands.

I opened up Paint 2, and started a new project

I then filled the background with white

I then selected the text tool and wrote out DoughBoy in Big Caslon


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